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Dina Indrasafitri | August 1, 2012  | The Jakarta Post

Inna learned the hard way that inadequate knowledge about reproductive health can lead to bitter consequences.

The founder of Samsara – an organization “committed to bringing a comprehensive view of sexuality, reproductive health and rights, gender equality, culture, spirituality and beliefs” – tells of her experience with unsafe abortion practices on her website.

She became pregnant when she was still a university student in Yogyakarta, and underwent an abortion without proper consultation.

“For about three years, I struggled with depression due to a painful abortion. Many things have changed in my daily life, physically and emotionally. My decline was closely related to the trauma of having an unsafe abortion. It affected me financially, as well as causing me to experience continuous pain due to the unsafe abortion,” Inna writes on her website.

Samsara, the organization she founded, provides pre- and post-abortion counseling, a “Listening and Strengthening to Each Other” (LSTEO) Forum, and various workshops on sexuality and reproductive health. She also started a hotline where women experiencing unwanted pregnancies can receive comprehensive counseling regarding their choices.

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